As we go forward !

Hello All —

I am still getting power and phone service restored to my house upstate.  The ice stor last week pulled the power line and utility pole down.  I won’t be able to make it in to for class this evening.

You should all be preparing for next weeks presentations.  So hopefull this will not be an inconvience for you.


1. that in addition to the character being posed — in 6 expressive poses.  you needed eyes and you should take this as an opportunity to “customize” or “personalize” you character.  The design of his / or her eyes is an important aspect of the character overall look.  The eyes are important to the characters expression.  And the facial expression are an important aspect of the character performance.

2. The section of the textbook on texturing is detailed and shows you how to unwrap the polygons so that you can paint the skin surface and color.

3. The environment that the character animation sequence will take place in is important. I have asked for you to develop a scenic design and bring in the Primary Source material that you will be using to develop the complete model.  Primary Source material is not just a couple of photos. But a well thought out selection of books that help establish the period and style of the environment.  You do not have to model something as and exact reproduction. But you do need to choose the environment so that it support the action of the scene you will be animating. It can serve as an important part of on allegory and thereby take on symbolic value or it can set a mood to help create the drama of the scene. Your choices here will be evaluated, analyzed and questioned as to there meaning and purpose.  Nothing will be just taken for granted — from now on.  The rubber is begining to meet the road as the expression goes.





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